to be honest, this video goes beyond just being a tribute, it’s a message - a wakeup call - to all volunteers out there. 

do you remember what brought you here in the first place? are you still sticking to what you believe in - or have you ended up buying into what others have been selling to you desperately? do you dare to chase your own dreams, or do you get knocked into the bandwagon?

you can claim that everything you do is for the cadets - hell, i’ve heard that claim so damned many times. but do you, really? have you sacrificed so much for them that nothing they do can ever repay the favour?

i daresay i have - and the people that have been on the receiving end know it. they are the people i’m willing to sacrifice so much for - and have been sacrificing for the past 4 years. no recognition, no glory - only pure blood, sweat and tears. their sweet smiles, those happy tears, and the pride they carry - these are the testaments to what i’ve achieved. have you done the same?

are you willing to go against what you’re told - and forge your own path? are you willing to forgo all that’s glittery - and carve your own future? are you willing to sacrifice all of your personal dreams - and build your own legacy? 

to lead with pride - have you?

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  • 2 years ago
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